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Boulder Customer:

"I can't say enough about not just what a great job Flatirons Duct Cleaning did for me but, also about the value of getting my ducts cleaned. I had no idea just how important it is to have this work done.

This summer I became very sick with a cough. After nine weeks of antibiotics, herbal remedies, and numerous visits to the doctor with no results I began to ponder environmental factors.

I had a lot of work done on my 2300 square foot condo about two years ago. I began to wonder if there could be a build up of dust and stuff from all the sheet rock work and construction. Thinking this might be the cause of the cough, I called Flatirons Duct Cleaning to schedule a cleaning.

After my air ducts were cleaned, I did not cough at night for the first time in months. My cough is entirely gone and I attribute this to the clean ducts. I was provided with before and after photos which were quite revealing. I had no idea how important having ducts professionlly cleaned was before this. To think I could have ended that cough sooner! Now I understand what an integral part of the home the "duct" work is especially after a remodel or construction. I am grateful to Flatirons Duct Cleaning for what a remarkable job they did."

Bailey Customer:

"In the weeks before we had our ducts cleaned, my wife was having severe allergies.  We performed radon and mold test trying to determine the source of her allergies.  My wife’s allergies completely disappeared following our duct cleaning by Flatirons Duct Cleaning."

Louisville Customer:

"I just wanted to thank you for the great job you did in cleaning our ducts and dryer vent.  I also appreciated seeing the before and after pictures…what a difference.  My husband said that you mentioned the dryer was almost completely blocked. I believe it…it is working sooo much better now!" 

Boulder Customer:

"The technician from Flatirons Duct Cleaning did a very professional job in my house.  He was very thorough and respectful of my property and belongings.  He also did a good job of showing me the results with digital images after the 
job was completed.  I would recommend their services to anyone considering duct cleaning or dryer vent cleaning."

Lafayette Customer:

"Saul M. was responsive, professional, and effecient. The work was excellent, and he was very informative and patient. Doing business was a pleasure -- would definitely recommend without hesitation."

Longmont Customer:

"Great job!! Stayed there all day cleaning out the ducts and now our house smells and feels fresher."

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